Well that was a year…

For so many people 2020 has been such a tough one, with uncertainty, loss, anxiety and isolation playing an often large part.

We thought that we’d just take a moment to consider some of the positives…

From Captain Sir Tom Moore raising £38.9m for NHS Charities Together and winning the nation’s hearts to Kamala Harris becoming the first female, first Black, first South Asian US Vice President-Elect. From Biden succeeding Trump in the WhiteHouse to our learning how to be actively antiracist.

We remembered how lucky we are to have the NHS and came together every week to clap their service on a Thursday evening, and Marcus Rashford succeeded in his campaign for free school meals for vulnerable and disadvantaged children, forcing a major government U-turn.

We looked up and smiled as with the significant slowdown of social and economic activities, air quality improved in many cities. Birthdays became less about the presents and more about the creative ways to celebrate and connect with loved ones.

Africa was declared free of wild polio after four years without a reported case and our government announced that blood donation rules for gay and bisexual men would be relaxed across the UK in a fundamental shift towards recognising people as individuals. Drive-in cinemas made a comeback and teachers finally got the public recognition they deserve.

Pj’s and joggers reigned supreme as we reconsidered the importance of dressing ‘up’ and rediscovered the art of dressing for ourselves.
  COVID-19 vaccines were created and approved in record time.
Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to prison for sex crimes giving some sense of justice to his victims.

Joe Wicks became one of the nation’s favourites and we actually had the time to bake/read/cook/exercise.
  Careers were reassessed and horizons were broadened as many companies collectively realised the viability of remote working.

Here’s to a wonderful, if different Christmas and a safer, simpler 2021.

from the Yoyos