Celebrating 50 years of sport in Milton Keynes

In celebration of Milton Keynes’ 50th birthday, come and join us for a fantastic sporting gala dinner on Thursday 29th June at the DoubleTree, Stadium MK.

MK50Sport recognises 50 years of sport in the city, as local legends from grass roots sport to Olympic and Paralympic superstars share five decades of MK sporting achievement.

Come and enjoy what will no doubt be an action packed evening of fun, anecdotes, music, good food and laughter aplenty.

We’re responsible for all creative work for MK50Sport, which is supported by Leap, Sport Aid, The Lord’s Taverners, MKDonsSet, Evolution and ourselves.

Seats will be limited, so for more info and to register your interest please visit the MK50Sport page on Leap’s site and follow @MK50Sport on twitter.

We’ll be updating with more information of the event soon!