Be clear : What business are you actually in?

In a service business, you may consider the skill you have personally to be the business that you’re in. Not necessarily so…

By way of an example, let’s presume you are a software programmer, or a firm of programmers looking for the next software-thing to program. To attract that opportunity, it follows that that’s how you would describe and present yourself because that’s what you do. That’s how you are represented in your advertising, right down to the wording on your business card and website. My question to you would be; what business are you actually in?

I should explain…

The chances are you have a back-catalogue full of already-programmed solutions, which you programmed previously for your alumni of clients. Herein lies your products…

Revisiting each solution, for each past-client, would be the first step on the path to productisation. Package each individual solution, describe the problem it solves, give it a name, write a list of features and benefits, put a price on it, understand who might buy it, (based on who bought it before (vertical)) and put it up for sale.

Easier said than done maybe, but when have you ever done it? And more importantly, can you afford NOT to do it? And if you did do it, wouldn’t that change the business you’re in?

The example shows how you may consider yourselves to be programmers, and so be in the software programming business, but you could well be software sellers, in the business of shifting product. Or both indeed. (Sounds like an improvement to me…)

Surely it’s more profitable to keep confidently selling the same thing over and over again, than go through a process of arm-waving and discovery with a hard-won prospect, searching for an answer to a problem you’ve never solved before… I have no doubt you can do it, but why should you?

At Yellow Yoyo, we spend time understanding you and your business, with no pre-conceptions around what you do, and so, through our experience of asking the right questions, would expect to get to the bottom of who you are, what you do, and what business you’re actually in. Once you have these answers there’s a lightbulb moment, with the opportunity for growth and acceleration clearly in sight.

You can buy our Brand Clarity Workshop for a shade under £3,000, where this, and a whole host of other areas of your business are professionally explored.

The output : Clarity!

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