Best Global Brands 2015

This year’s Interbrand report comes with some interesting highlights.  Amazon enters the Top 10, a second Chinese brand enters the report, and once again, a social media brand is their top riser.

“As part of the report, we’re expanding on the impact the Age of You will have on business and brands.

In today’s hyper-fragmented world, people experience brands in micro moments—constantly moving from one to another—meaning that a brand’s entire experience is often measured and formed in an instant. The brands that succeed in this coming age are ones that empathize with an individual’s priorities, figure out how to meet people exactly where and when they want, and they tailor experiences to how people move through their lives.

For a brand to move at the speed of life, it takes more than engaging people—it means completely rethinking what speed means within an enterprise. It’s not about forward movement, but holistic, system-deep evolution.”
Jez Frampton | Group Chief Executive Officer

An interesting snapshot of not only brand success but also lifestyle trends.