Is it a brief, or the start of a relationship?

The most important part of any design exercise is getting the brief clear right at the very beginning.

Whether the brief comes as a weighty tome with stacks of research and information, or as a simple sentence which outlines intent, it doesn’t matter. The brief only allows you to make the first marks on a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and then it becomes an empirical process. A process that boils down to the relationship you have with the client and how much the client trusts the designer to inspire them and create a solution.

Don’t get me wrong. I love lots of information and background because they add spice to the recipe you are creating and sometimes they speed up the process. But not always. Sometimes they act as a straight jacket and constrain creativity.

Tom Bassett of Basset & Partners has created a short movie all about the attitude and experience a group of famous designers have to receiving a brief.

Fabulous film. Really interesting.

Take a look here and let us know your thoughts.