We like chocolate but recently we found something that made our eyes, as well as our taste buds, water.

Like many of you we went along to the recent Marketing Week Live event in London. It was a sign of the times to see what used to be approximately 5 different events now wrapped into one and you had to applaud the energy and buzz in Olympia.

The only downside is processing the mass of stuff you are bombarded with. We went specifically to talk to a handful of companies that might be able to help us with specific projects which was very useful but the most eye catching stand out of the thousands we saw was the Chocart stand. If you have never heard of Chocart please go to and check out what they do.

These are bespoke and personalised chocolates like no other. They can replicate photographs, logos, images and text in amazing resolution on Belgian dark chocolate by ‘printing’ them in white chocolate in raised relief. The whole end result is 100% chocolate and far to good to eat. The chocolates also come in nicely thought out packaging.

Guess where our next client gifts are coming from?