Elite Investor Club launches new brand

We’re delighted to unveil Elite Investor Club’s brand, created for our ‘renegade investor’ client Graham Rowan.

As we mentioned in our earlier post Graham is a trusted wealth coach who runs investment events, delivers webinars and publishes Wealth Watch magazine.

The brief called for a high quality, stylish solution. The key illustration featured in the brand logotype subtly signals the club’s aim – to allow clients to unlock investment potential that would not necessarily be available to them elsewhere and enter a world of financial freedom.

Every so often we get a brief that lets us play with some nice print techniques. Elite Investor Club’s one of them…  We were able to add that extra layer of interest through the use of foiling and ‘suede’ soft touch lamination for cards and folder.

Graham was delighted with the results…

“The printing arrived this afternoon and it’s brilliant! Thanks for doing a great piece of design work – I’d be proud to show this to anybody.”

Designed collateral currently includes business stationery, folder, investment datasheets and a DVD case and disc. We’ve also developed a related logotype for the Elite Investor Wine Club.

The Club’s new look website will be live by the end of March.