Elon Musk. The new Steve Jobs

Because of the nature of a lot of our work we do here at Yellow Yoyo, we spend a great deal of time thinking about what the future holds in store for our clients. We’re paid to predict what their customers are going to want and need in years to come. We’ve become very good at it.

The exponential growth of technology has always fuelled our excitement in the future, but never more than it is right now, and that excitement will only ramp up. There’s astonishing progress being made in so many areas…

“The amount of technological advancement that occurred in the year 2000 will occur every 30 seconds by 2020”
Source: theemergingfuture.com

Being eager students of where the future will lead us, and the role of technology in that leading, we’ve come to the conclusion that there are two types of predictor; those that think and those that do. In the early 21st century we’re blessed with many of the latter, those who have the money to invest, access to the best tech around and no fear of failure. Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft (note that all are tech companies) are leading the way, but by far our favourite tech leader is Elon Musk of Tesla, Space X etc…

Musk has become the new Steve Jobs. However, where Jobs would choreograph regular presentations of beautiful new products in his hand that changed our world, Musk does so on a far grander scale.

Tesla Cars and now trucks, batteries and solar products that will allow us to live off grid, space rockets that can be reused, tunnels that alleviate city congestion and present the opportunity to travel at 200 mph through a vacuum… Whereas Jobs gave us new products and invented new markets that improved our lives, Musk is reinventing existing products and infrastructure, to not only improve our lives but also, in part, help save the planet.

We mustn’t forget he’s doing it to make money and that he’s wealthy enough to make the investments required. But he could be investing with far less risk and making better current returns. The fact he doesn’t and is willing to put theory into real products that are so damn sexy makes him, we believe, one of the most important people on the planet right now.

There are plenty of invisible Elon Musks around, in science and medicine for instance., but we don’t know what we don’t see. Musk’s ability to build enterprises that grasp future technologies and present them back to us in real time at a grand scale is both astonishing and exciting.

He helps to demolish the cynisism that often surrounds predictions of the future and, as purveyors of future stories, we can only thank him profusely for that as it makes our job a little bit easier.