Queens Crescent staircase – Gleneagles Scotland

We love fabulous construction details that look elegant, simple and stunning.

That description describes this staircase in a private house in Scotland perfectly. The house was designed by Julian Hunter Architects and the cantilevered glass helical staircase by Diapo.

Each glass tread was cantilevered 1300mm and weighed over 80kgs. Each tread is amazingly only supported by a 80mm wide stringer and was tested to take 1 metric ton at its tip.
The entire stair coils around a 4 metre diameter, three storey high halogen-lit fish aquarium which is 15 metres high and specially fabricated in Las Vegas. Each tread of the staircase is suspended 40mm from the aquarium face. The gallery balustrade was also commissioned to complete the circular atrium surrounding the Aquarium.

The building offers 360˚ views of Gleneagles’ Queen’s Course and the countryside beyond.

We just want to know how you tip the goldfish food in!