Fact: Businesses that get their brand right will grow

Business growth will only occur if the right conditions are in play – attitude, ability, knowledge, a bunch of money and lots of customers! That’s all you need, right?  Well, not exactly… It’s not just about attracting new customers; it’s about being believed.

Great brands stand for something.  Not a lot of things, one thing. They pick a topic, add a belief system and THAT is their brand. Everything else just hangs off it…

As a customer we’ve always had a choice where we spend our hard earned cash. Nowadays however, due to disruptive innovation, your customer has a public voice and opinion, good or bad, which they will happily share. The new normal is something to be ignored at your peril. The need to be believed has never been more important.

Yellow Yoyo create and manage brands for companies, big and small, and have done for nearly twenty years.  FACT: Businesses that get their brand right will grow. There’s no witchcraft, no magic, just a method and process for helping businesses to understand their single universal recognisable truth clearly defining who they are, what they believe in and how to manage that.


Paul  –  Director of Business Development at Yellow Yoyo