Glenmorangie Pride

Chris and Bryan like their malt whisky but can only dream of owning, or even tasting, a bottle of the limited edition Glenmorangie Pride 1981. We love packaging and combine that with a liking for good whisky then it is no wonder Pride caught our eye.

Glassware designer Laurence Brabant and furniture designer Wouter Scheublin have created the limited-edition packaging (which is to be priced at £2 500 a bottle) after being chosen from a shortlist of 30. This is their first collaboration and the packaging is modelled on the Glenmorangie and Château d’Yquem wine casks.

The Baccarat crystal decanter, created by Brabant, is hand-blown and heat resistant, aiming to showcase the ‘deep gold’ and ‘opulent’ colour of the whisky; while the curves aim to create a ‘stunning contrast’ to the linear wooden case.

Scheublin’s structural wooden box packaging uses a hinging mechanism, which lifts the bottle out when opened.

Scheublin says, ‘This mechanism is quite unique. It uses the energy of the action of opening the box to unfold the contents so the bottle can be displayed without being touched, while the carefully crafted oak box reflects the complexity and refinement of the whisky.’

Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s head of distilling and whisky creation, says, ‘[The packaging is] very luxurious, very beautiful and very different, something with two sides: one to reflect the character of an extraordinary whisky, the other to celebrate the heritage of Château d’Yquem.’

Glenmorangie Pride 1981 is limited to 1000 decanters.

We can only wish.