In the fast lane with McLaren

Through our relationship with Team McLaren, we recently had the opportunity to work with them again at Autosport International, The Racing Car Show at the NEC, which ran from 9 – 12 January 2013.

In addition to the purchase of McLaren merchandise and club membership, there was the opportunity to have your photograph taken with a McLaren F1 show car and members could also try their hand at driving around Monaco in the McLaren simulator.

The main objective of the event was to promote the benefits of exclusive Team McLaren membership and grow the membership database.  The aims of the stand were to:

  • Provide an excellent experience for existing members
  • Drive sign-ups of new memberships for adults and children
  • Maximise the exposure of the Team McLaren and Vodafone McLaren / Mercedes brands
  • Continue with the series of events that ‘give back’ to the membership whilst taking every opportunity to grow the membership
  • Identify and create opportunities for McLaren Partners involvement and act as a precursor to the overall event discussions for 2013

The stand needed to reflect all the values and principles behind the McLaren brand with regard to design, build quality, graphics communication and Team McLaren personnel.  The design and operation needed to support the objectives as outlined above.

Photography of the show car proved really popular with the photographer having no break on the two public 9am – 6pm days. The simulator was equally busy, again being fully used on the two public days.  The Team McLaren guys on the stand worked flat out, engaging with the public and, as at the Brazilian GP event Yellow Yoyo ran in 2012, were excellent.

Join Team McLaren membership here and find out more about Autosport International here.

Autosport International 2013A young Jenson?!


Autosport International 2013Free simulator experience for Team McLaren members


Autosport International 2013Team McLaren merchandise for sale


Autosport International 2013Free photography for Team McLaren members