Keeping it real

For me, the joy and immediacy of expression and form that can be created freehand, using a pencil, nib pen or brush, can never be truly (or simply) imitated using a mouse or stylus…

99 times out of 100 I’m going to reach for my sketchbook when at the beginning of the design process rather than hop on a Mac.  Often my very first instinctive ‘scribble’ ends up as the chosen brand solution…

I’m sure that goes back to the beginning of my career, when freehand problem solving was still something more widely seen, but I still do love to see our designers in that stage. Working in this way is very much part of the culture at Yellow Yoyo.

How great then to see this from French start up, ISKN.  Their Slate, that can make a digital copy of drawings as they are sketched on paper, is on display at the IFA Technology Show in Berlin this week (2-7 September).

The Slate’s USP is its magnetic ring, which when slipped onto any drawing tool – from crayon to quill – can be used to make digital artwork.

Unsurprisingly ISKN is now facing competition from computer giant Lenovo, who have recently unveiled a notebook computer with similar features built in.

This tech works for me. It takes authentic, then adds another level.  Smart.