LBS Builders Merchants – ‘getting’ brand and reaping the benefits…

LBS Builders Merchants‘ website went live back in September last year.  Now four months down the line, we’ve some great stats to share, ones that add weight to the argument that getting the brand right leads to a healthy ROI.

Our thanks to Greg Ace, Director of Online Sales at LBSBuilders Merchants, for this great testimonial…


“We were introduced to Yellow Yoyo after commissioning the re-platforming of our ecommerce website. User experience was extremely important to us and we wanted to develop a powerful interface to improve our customers’ shopping experience on all devices, with an allowance for the responsive framework that Magento offers.

We found the initial design process to be methodical and were helped by the fact we could sit with both Yellow Yoyo and the developers together, in order to ensure that there were no conflicts between website specification and proposed design elements.

Yellow Yoyo took our broad brief and narrowed it down into a clean design that carried across both desktop and mobile, they brought new ideas and suggestions to the table, introducing new elements to enhance our branding. The process was straight-forward and we achieved a great design that we were very happy with and in the planned timescale.

As a result, year to date analytics show a healthy 414% increase in mobile & tablet revenue and a mobile & tablet ecommerce conversion rate increase of 110%.

Site-wide we have a YTD increase of 175% in revenue and an increased conversion rate of 65%.”