Helping Morrisons develop a new front end environment

Yellow Yoyo’s Directors have a collective 100 years of experience in retail.  We’ve designed concept stores, value engineered existing concepts, created pop-ups, departments and concessions. We even have experience in running retail businesses (one in music and one selling supercars – but that’s a longer story…)

All that experience has given us an unusually deep experience and knowledge regarding the journeys customers take when browsing and purchasing in retail environments, both physical and digital.  That experience has led to lasting relationships, not least with Nick Hughes, MD at ITAB Shop Products, part of Europe’s leading suppliers of shop concepts, checkouts, lighting, fixtures and fittings and shop equipment.

Nick recently asked us to assist ITAB and Morrison’s Retail Design Director, Justine Manley, with a new attitude to the store front end environment (customer services and check outs). This was to compliment the strategic work that ITAB were doing in partnership with Morrisons, creating a completely new approach to payment facilities.

The work was implemented in mid-August 2017 and is currently being assessed prior to a planned roll-out to other stores.