New Look For About Face

My good friend, Liz Taylor, has been running a private skincare salon in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, since 2006.  I use the words ‘skincare’ as opposed to ‘beauty’ because what Liz offers is quite different, hence the company name of ‘About Face Skincare‘.  Liz uses the Environ products and treatments, which are vitamin and antioxidant based, thereby helping your skin to heal and repair, making for a healthy skin for a lifetime.  The Environ products are suitable for all skin types.

I first met Liz through networking in 2010 and both my daughter and I have been using Environ ever since.

When Liz first set up her company her ‘brand’ was little more than a logo.  As the company became more established she felt the time was right to rebrand, not only with a new logo but with continuity of image and communication that was far more personal to her, relevant to the business and better projected her aims and desires.  Liz approached Yellow Yoyo to commence the work at the beginning of 2013.

Liz and I enjoy a great working relationship, and the ideas and thoughts that she had for her brand were very useful during the design phase.  She was very clear about what she wanted – a new face for her successful business, that conveyed the passion and experience that she has, in a creative and eye-catching way. She needed to stand out in a crowded market and strengthen her visibility and presence in Berkhamsted.

Together we have given her a brand that accurately mirrors the business’s values and personality. This branding flows through not just the printed items, but also the environment in which she works, making it a seamless experience.

Featured below is Liz’s original logotype, followed by her new branding.

Liz says:

“From the moment my new branding was launched my business has picked up. Within the first week new clients were calling which was just an amazing response.  It is so rewarding when people come up to me and say how great they think the branding is!  Not only that, but working with Amanda on getting to the right place with my branding was such a pleasure, and a real eye-opener in many respects!  Thank you so much Amanda, I should have done it ages ago.”

Liz has launched her new brand via an A-board outside of the salon and new signage on the building, reinforced with flyers, postcards and business cards being placed with the local retailers and cafés.  Lack of time, finances and direction had previously held her back but Liz is now also progressing with a new website design and plans for more printed collateral.

For more information on Environ and About Face Skincare, click on either of the links above.  If you would like to talk to Yellow Yoyo about a re-design or rebrand for your company, please don’t hesitate to give Bryan or myself a call on  01525 229177 or drop us an email to