Our wishes to you for 2013

‘Tis the season to be jolly,

But what your business wants is lolly,

So give a care for the graphics elf,

Dedicated to bringing you wealth.


Hour by hour by midnight oil,

The Yoyo branding experts toil,

In their graphics grotto all a glitter,

Working long and hard to make your brand better.


No frosty reception from your clients next year,

Or your business left out in the rain, dear,

Why not make twenty thirteen a smacker,

Let Yellow Yoyo design you a cracker.


If filling the stockings for Yoyo’s your mission,

And to tell you the truth that’s what we’re all wishin’,

Then intros to businesses lacking in snappy,

Would make this particular Yoyo most happy.


As we’re foot on the pedal into festive gear,

Your friends at Yoyo who hold you dear,

Wish you Christmas tidings and time off with no stress,

And that twenty thirteen brings your business success


Merry Christmas one and all!   Amanda x