Shine Homecare Case Study

Shine Homecare is a domiciliary care agency that provides a range of home care services to individuals with special needs, enabling them to stay at home rather than entering a medical institution.

Following a three stage pitch during the Spring of 2012, Yellow Yoyo was appointed to develop a corporate brand identity for the new business, at that time unnamed.


The business was to be developed as a joint venture between three established and successful charities; Iain Rennie Grove House Hospice, Hospice of St Francis and Peace Hospice.  The hospices had thoughts on the values of the new business but required assistance communicating those values and differentiating themselves from their competitors.

The brief to Yellow Yoyo for the corporate identity stressed three key requirements:

  • To embody the culture, values and ethos of the three hospices and leverage their reputation
  • To avoid any potential confusion in future which might damage the hospices’ ability to raise charitable funds
  • To minimise the ‘end of life’ culture generally associated with a hospice

The collateral included a company name, logo, strapline, style guidelines, stationery, simple website architecture and website design.

Robert Breakwell, Business Development Director for IRGH and one of six Directors for the agency, said, “This is a critical venture for the hospices in so many ways; the introduction of a commercial enterprise into a charitable mind-set; our need to rapidly establish the agency as a leader in domiciliary care; the reputation of the three hospices.  It was absolutely vital that we had a partner on board that could help us clearly identify and determine the route to market.”


Although Yellow Yoyo’s initial meetings were held with key representatives across the three charities, the Brand Clarity Workshop included nine stakeholders, ranging from Chief Executives and Directors to Trustees and Communication Managers.  The purpose of the workshop was to identify the key fundamentals of the proposed new business, including target audience, values and personality in order to derive and agree, in the first instance, a brand positioning statement.

In short, the brand positioning statement identifies who the product or service is aimed at, what the business offering will be, what it will do and why.  The discussions were lively, lengthy, in-depth, and absolutely essential to ensure everyone’s agreement to determine and plan the way forward.  Although unusual to include such a high number of stakeholders, this activity is vital to laying down the foundations of any brand.  It is a step frequently ignored which can create issues in future, both internally with staff buy-in, and externally with customer perceptions.

Yellow Yoyo is well versed in the brand clarity process, and the brand positioning statement is just one of many steps leading to creation of the brand itself.  The agreed brand values, personality, consumer proposition, straplines and the business name itself are all a fundamental stage of the design development process, helping to determine the blueprint for colourways, typography and imagery.

In addition, the research of the market, care requirements, competitors and opportunities was extensive throughout the entire process.  Regular meetings were held with Robert Breakwell, the board and Karen Wessels, Director of Operations, as soon as she was appointed, in order to positively move the project forward, to keep everyone involved informed and to ensure the deadlines were met.


Shine Homecare, together life’s brighter, successfully launched in September 2012.  Yellow Yoyo’s involvement was consolidated into a relatively short period of time, due to strict deadlines imposed by the Directors of the three Hospices.  During that time, Karen Wessels was recruited along with a Client Care Manager, Administrators and of course the carers themselves.

The agency now employ a number of staff, providing care to individuals in West Hertfordshire and mid and South Buckinghamshire and is continuing to grow.  Initial feedback has been very positive.

Yellow Yoyo has further assisted with some promotional leaflets.  One suggestion, not yet implemented, is ‘myshine’, which Yellow Yoyo created to assist and develop the relationship between individuals, families and Shine.  The care industry has suffered from a poor reputation at times and we believe ‘myshine’ will create a much needed link between all parties to maintain and develop relationships, trust and to ensure feedback for improvement and growth in future.

Amanda Wright, Partner, summarised, “The Shine project was really interesting.  It was a new sector for us and we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the brief.  It wasn’t without its frustrations, but they were only due to the Hospices’ emotional investment and timescales, and could not be criticised.  Certainly the relationship we developed with the stakeholders helped immensely and I believe made the process much more enjoyable for all concerned.”

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Shine Website

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