How smart is your mobile strategy?

When redesigning our website our aims were threefold – to create a platform best suited to promoting our services, to proudly show our varied client base and very importantly as a showcase for our work.  We recognise the need to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s ‘always-on’ lifestyle.  As technology improves, so it seems does our thirst for more, expecting information not only at our fingertips but delivered at the speed of light.  We’re delighted with our new site’s fully responsive capabilities, whether it be seen on a smartphone, desktop, tablet or any mobile device.

Is your website fully responsive and capable of meeting these needs?  In May of this year, Figaro Digital reported that we check our phones at least 140 times a day.  Moreover, IBM Research shows that consumers expect transactions to be easier on mobile than they are offline (15%) or on a desktop computer (50%).  With over 1.4 billion smartphones in use around the globe and sales of other mobile devices set to increase, this is not an area any business can afford to ignore.

We’d love to help you create and define a clear mobile strategy for your business, ensuring that you not only fully engage with mobile users, creating meaningful and intimate connections, but also deliver an exceptional brand experience at the same time.

Take a look at the responsive website project that we carried out for van leasing specialists Autorama here, to see why this seamless approach to communication is so powerful.  You can also hear Managing Director Andy Alderson’s view on our successful working relationship here.

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