Sweet Sixteen!

So Yellow Yoyo has come of age (depending on what you consider to be the benchmark!).

We began in 1998 – the year that the Millennium Dome went under construction,  The Good Friday Agreement was signed, the two pound coin went into circulation and JK Rowling penned the Chamber of Secrets…

Since then, we’ve seen 4 Prime Ministers, hosted the spectacular London 2012 Olympics, both Golden and Diamond Jubilees, a royal wedding and royal birth, and, following a global recession, lived to tell the tale!

In the last 16 years we’ve enjoyed building some great relationships with our clients, many pre-dating Yellow Yoyo.  We’ve worked on some fantastic projects, got to know some inspirational people, forged a great network and gathered heaps more experience. 

2014 will see the next wave of our brand’s growth when we launch our new website. 

Exciting times…