Team McLaren Case Study

Team McLaren is the official worldwide Vodafone McLaren Mercedes membership programme (or fan club). The programme exists to reach out and engage with fans and to allow them to get closer to the team, and to the action, for a small annual fee.

For 2013, it is Team McLaren’s vision to leverage this engaging platform to activate and promote Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 partnerships. Since May of this year, Yellow Yoyo has been working with Team McLaren in order to produce a programme of suitable events.

The Brazilian Grand Prix Screening was a trial event in order to gain feedback from the members directly and to provide a blueprint for future events. The prime objectives were:

  • To promote the benefits of exclusive Team McLaren membership and grow the membership database.
  • To utilise the event as a test case on which to build the ‘Team’ and’ Family’ values expressed by the membership, by providing exciting opportunities for members to attend and bring guests throughout 2013.
  • To identify and create opportunities for Partners involvement in 2013.

The event was held at the Manchester Airport Hilton Hotel on Sunday 25 November 2012, commencing at 1pm for guest registration followed by a hot and cold buffet lunch and a pre-race talk and Q&A. All members and guests wore VIP wristbands allowing them freedom to visit other parts of the hotel and re-enter the event at their will.

All areas of the event (registration, lunch, screening room, simulator and photography) were branded with Team McLaren banners and Brazilian and Union Jack flags. The full McLaren event team were on hand to manage and run the event and to provide support to members and guests.

Feedback questionnaires were completed and video testimonials were filmed post-event.

The entire member database was invited to attend the event, by email, during the first week of November, with subsequent follow-up emails and a confirmation email to those who had booked.

Bryan Wright, co-director for Yellow Yoyo, said: “the devil is in the detail for this type of thing. Pre-event set-up can be the hardest part but we had a great team to work with the atmosphere on the day was just fabulous”.

The members desire to participate in future events was overwhelming and it is clear that future opportunities exist for extending partner relationships. In addition, new members were recruited on the day and the quality feedback will provide valuable information for future events.

McLaren Feedback

Matthew van Gessel, Head of Consumer for Team McLaren Limited was encouraged, but not surprised, by the results, “we have a great brand and know that individuals and businesses alike, wish to get involved with us.  The more difficult part is getting the mix right.  Bryan and Amanda did a great job for us over the weekend.  It was a cracking event and I was really impressed”.