The Brand Creation Process

Below is a summary of a Strategic Brand Presentation at WIBN in March 2014 entitled The Brand Creation Process.  Additionally you might want to view the presentation video on YouTube.

“A business without a brand is like a person without a personality”

All brands are on a journey, and here we share the brand development of Liz Taylor’s company ‘About Face Skincare’, a clinic based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

Concept Presentation

We began working with About Face early in 2013; starting with a concept presentation, we review and discuss the following in order to paint a picture of what the future business will look like:

  • local competition
  • values and personality
  • the client’s likes and dislikes
  • styles and colours
  • the look and feel of other brands – these may not necessarily be related, but help us to understand the individuals involved and what inspires them.


We produce sketches, looking here at natural embellishments with simple and clean lines to incorporate project values, and use simple typography, which will be personal to Liz’ business.


During application, we start to weave brand stories to reiterate the brand values.  In this instance approachable, realistic, capable, effective, professional, honest and caring.  We then layer in the interest and tone of voice, and testimonials to demonstrate the credibility of the business and to reassure Liz’s clients.

Review Phase

At this point, Liz decided she wished us to develop the logo further.  As we mention above, the brand is a journey and this process creates the perfect environment for the client to think deeper about the brand’s personality and values.

We looked at more sketches, this time including monograms and 1920 styles.  It was a fun and enjoyable process and, as a result, Liz was able to make a decision on her logo.  At this point, we incorporate colourways to offer flexibility, and illustrations to visually demonstrate areas of Liz’ expertise.

The Result

The brand creation process allows us to develop a coherent brand story with a seamless personality for use within the working space, online and within all media, which feels credible and allows the client to create a personal relationship with the clinic.


Liz Taylor of About Face

About Face Literature

A brand with heart