The International Media Associates (TIMA) Case Study

TIMA is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology transforming and delivering established perceptions of worldwide media production in new and innovative ways. The team’s experience and comprehensive knowledge of content presentation and consumption enhance programme creation and production in news, events and current affairs programmes, catering for all video needs across all platforms.

TIMA was founded in 2011 and the directors required assistance to establish and develop the brand identity. Their main goal was to challenge the biggest global players in the industry. As somewhat of a dinosaur, it is very reactive, TIMA wanted to approach both the service provision and technology in a very different way in order to unsettle that previously established.

Alla Salehian, TIMA’s CEO, had worked with Yellow Yoyo in the past and was aware of the many benefits offered by Yellow Yoyo’s Brand Clarity Workshop, which focuses on the foundations of a brand. Alla said, “We had the outline structure of the company and the fundamentals of what we wanted to deliver and achieve, but very little knowledge of the best way to proceed. Our brief to Yellow Yoyo was for a two-phase launch; silent initially to address any key operational and technical problems with a hard launch 3 – 6 months later.”

The nature of the industry demanded high quality branding right across the business from TIMA’s offices to camera housings, clothing to vehicles, and therefore suitable for a wide application of uses.

The Brand Clarity workshop took place in October 2011 with TIMA’s key business representatives: the CEO, Production Manager and Partner/Director of Sales. The purpose was to explore their views and ideas of the planned operation, and its competitors, with the ultimate aim of developing the consumer proposition and strapline. In this instance, the name – The International Media Associates – was already in mind.

The role of Yellow Yoyo was to chair, engage, promote discussion and focus the individuals in order to understand their perceptions and aspirations for the business.

Bryan Wright, Director of Yellow Yoyo said, “this process is really fundamental for any business; all too often individuals focus on the company name and logo design before fully establishing the brand’s attributes, its values, personality and how it wishes to be perceived by its potential customer base.“

The half-day workshop commenced with a discussion of the brand values, with adjectives agreed to describe the business such as trustworthy, honest, professional and dynamic. The brand personality was defined as young, dynamic, confident and cutting edge.

The next stage of the process was to develop these words and phrases into a brand positioning statement, reviewing the target audience, the market, the benefits and support the organisation would provide. This lengthy description was distilled into the brand essence and subsequently into the consumer proposition, which also appears on the home page of the website.

TIMA’s experience, cutting edge technology and the foremost personal service processes in the industry, ensures broadcasters and media users easy, cost-effective, global access to high quality, comprehensive 24-hour worldwide political, sporting, entertainment and current affairs video footage.

Amanda Wright, Director, in charge of graphic design further commented, “Our process is one that we have established over many years and it’s a proven template. We find it crucial in delivering a first class service to our clients and managing their expectations”.

Progress was swift, by the end of November/December, all designs had been approved, and Yellow Yoyo’s work increased to encompass the stationery, website and office design. By January 2012, the first office in London was located and recruitment commenced in March/April 2012. The website build was completed and launched June 2012.

In conclusion, Alla Salehian, TIMA’s CEO said, “Working with Yellow Yoyo has been a pleasure from start to finish! Actually, there is no ‘finish’ and I hope our relationship continues for many years! Without their experience and assistance, TIMA could not have moved forward at such a pace. Everything has fitted together marvellously!”

The company now has a global presence in key cities such as London, Washington DC and Paris, with offices opening soon in Islamabad, Cairo, Bangkok and Beijing.

TIMA t-shirt

TIMA t-shirt

Camera in action

Camera in action