argos multichannel strategy

The brief began as a project to redesign the Argos website. The site had a turnover of approximately £50,000 per month which, in 2002, was one of the more successful UK High Street retailer websites.

However, working with long term collaborator multichannel specialist Andy Morrey, we challenged the Argos board to employ a more radical approach and completely review the core engine of all of the Argos routes to the customer and thus the Argos Multichannel Strategy was developed.

The board agreed a £6million budget to implement the new strategy that would allow the linkage into the core engine of any future new technology. Initiatives such as Ring & Reserve, Text & Take Home, Click & Collect all created for the first time out of the strategy.

This was followed by a major futurist study, in liaison with Accenture, on the changes anticipated in British consumer society, which highlighted trends and technological developments that eventually proved to have a profound effect on the business.

Last Christmas Argos Internet orders were 50% of total Argos sales; sales using tablets and smart phones were almost 30% of sales. Argos had its best Christmas sales for 10 years, particularly strong with the Click & Collect service. Sales over the Christmas period were £1.8bn emphasising the importance of the ecommerce service that Bryan was instrumental in creating.

“The radical change within Argos would have taken much longer without the benefits gleaned from adopting the Asset Clarity process.”Paula Vennells Marketing Director Argos