illuminis brand strategy, productisation, naming and design

We’ve been working Paul and the team at Illuminis since late last year, helping to bring Clarity and Control to their brand.  Now in their 4th year, Illuminis have created a brilliant data insight tool, which links your various types of management information software and produces custom reports for an unlimited number of users. This gives you real-time, previously buried management information whenever you need it, delivered to your desktop, tablet or mobile.

The business previously presented itself as software programmers, as that is exactly what Managing Director Paul is. He would explain the problem that his software solved every time someone asked. Despite the lack of clarity in both what business sold, and what its solution actually did, over a few years, Paul secured a number of new clients.  Once hooked up to the tool these clients would never go back.  So clearly he has a great product that does exactly what it promises.

The company had aspirations of growth. And so they came to us – and the first port of call was Brand Clarity.

Our first discovery meeting helped us to get to know their business more fully. Illuminis booked a half-day Brand Clarity workshop with us. Here we explored who they are, what they’re called, what they do, what they sell, what business sector they’re in, what problem they solve, and why they do it.  Then on to explore and clarify their message: “We solve THIS problem”. (Message clarity)

And finally, all still inside our Brand Clarity workshop, a module to explore the people who could benefit from using their tool. “We solve THIS problem, for THIS sector” (Target clarity)

The outcome of this process was brilliantly clear. They were completely clear about who they are: Illuminis Insight Software.  They were also clear about what products they actually sell, and indeed who might buy them.

We then moved to naming those products. Through our sessions, we created product names which meant something to Illuminis, and resonated specifically with its potential audience: OCTELAS Manufacturer 20 – OCTELAS Distributor 20 & OCTELAS Legal 20. (The 20 being the amount of users per licence.)

Once we were clear about who they are, and what they do, and for whom, we then took Illuminis on a design journey; first evolving the company name, strapline and logotype to be current and relevant, oh and of course attractive.  Then, on to design how the product names would look and be used, whilst still appearing to be clearly related to the company name and colours. (we will add more images soon)

Brand Clarity is so much more than an attractive logo… The company will now attract the right type of customer, with a clear, ubiquitous, attractive message.

We’re now working with Paul and his team to craft sales messages for each sector, which will clearly demonstrate that Illuminis understands the need for their software within their target markets.  They’re loving their journey with us, and we’re enjoying being there with them.

Directors Moira and Paul have this to say…

“Our data insight software has very few competitors in the SME space. Our customers love it and are happy to say so, but we struggled to find a brand and marketing strategy which enabled us to communicate just how powerful this software is, in particular to manufacturers and distributors. 

In the 3 years we have been in operation we have approached – and paid considerable sums to – numerous design/strategy companies for their help. Not one of them ‘got it’. That is, until we met Yellow Yoyo. 

Right from our first meeting we were frankly bowled over by how insightful and  knowledgeable they are as a team. They have crafted a fresh new look for our brand and are working with us on an entirely fresh brand strategy, such that we are now completely confident of growing the business at the ambitious pace which we have set for ourselves.

We don’t see Yellow Yoyo as our supplier, they are an integral part of our team and we are moving forward together in what feels like a real partnership.  We can’t wait to see where they’re going to take us!”