london fire brigade wayfinding

The brief from London Fire Brigade was to develop a wayfinding system, with the ability to respond flexibly to the diverse buildings, many listed, across the estate.

Site visits were plentiful, to ensure that the current signage systems and design were reviewed and the existing brand guidelines absorbed.  Initial recommendations for completing the required core suite of signage were made together with modifications to their design to ensure that the eventual suite of signs performed across the estate as a common wayfinding system.

Guideline recommendations were developed as to the ordering / approvals / procurement process with a view that the eventual system being an online one.

Following agreement to the approaches put forward, development of the final paper report began, and was amalgamated into the overall LFB brand manual. The fully-fledged electronic system enabled station commanders to

  • view the LFB suite of station signage
  • choose the necessary signs that their particular station requires
  • understand the information that each sign should display
  • understand the positions in which each sign should be displayed
  • understand the ordering, approvals, procurement process and see progress through that process.

3D modelling carried out by Yellow Yoyo allowed the London Fire Brigade to inexpensively trial signage concepts, test for flexibility across the estate and ultimately gain approvals from local authorities cutting down the processing time.