mailsports brand management

Mailsports are a UK based, predominantly online retailer of specialist swimwear, with a showroom in Buckinghamshire and pop-up presence at the majority of swimming and triathlon events. The brands that that they choose to stock are the best in the business and the ability and calibre of many of their customers is high, often at the very top level of the sport.

Yellow Yoyo have enjoyed a relationship with Mailsports since 2009 and what began as a project to design their twice yearly catalogue has now flourished to a point of complete brand management – from the design and maintenance of their website and running of their marketing calendar, through to all print, in-store and exhibition/gala requirements.

Since 2009 Yellow Yoyo have established a look and feel unique to Mailsports, through the use of colour, imagery and tone of voice.  One of the key objectives has also been to demonstrate clearly the point of difference that Mailsports has over most other retailers of swimwear (specialist and leisure).

Mailsports are able to guide and advise through their expertise, evident not only through their customer service and relevance of the products they sell, but also in their showroom store, where they fit competitive suits correctly allowing customers to purchase with confidence. Together with Mailsports we have created a tone of voice for the business that sits perfectly with this.

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“The reason we chose Yellow Yoyo was that we got on really well with them and we saw that they had the experience we were looking for. We’ve been working with them continuously since the Spring of 2009. It started with a catalogue, we then rebranded and re-skinned the website and we now work with them on a daily basis.  All that we’ve done with Yellow Yoyo has meant that we’ve stayed at the forefront of our industry.” Philip Crawford Founder Mailsports