MyMiltonKeynes - Milton Keynes BID myChristmas campaign

We were delighted to be selected to work alongside the MyMiltonKeynes team to create and run their inaugural Christmas Campaign . Our brief was ‘to produce a robust set of marketing activity to support and drive winter visits to the city’.

The campaign was funded by the BID in association with the levy payers, who were keen to see a rise in footfall in the city, especially given the challenge that the ease of online retail brings to traditional retail at this time of year.

After an incredibly busy period of collaborative planning and costing, then design and marketing activity, and armed with the necessary assets, the campaign went live with myChristmas on 21st October and ran for just under 10 weeks.

The crux of the online aspect of the campaign was to capture and celebrate moments in and around Milton Keynes through user generated content, with the Share & Win mechanism encouraging the audience to share their favourite moments for an opportunity to win prizes. This mechanism also featured in the digital and print elements of the campaign, supported by the social campaign.

The campaign began with the initial strategy, to ‘warm up’ the audience with easy to enter competitions and to switch mid-way through the campaign to a mechanism that encouraged people to share their moments.

Of course these created perfect social media opportunities, when we met with winners and retailers to record and publicise the handing over of tickets and vouchers to all of the many delighted recipients.

At this point the offline activity kicked in. By now the MyMiltonKeynes website featured a myChristmas area, encouraging visitors to sign up in exchange for access to local Christmas info and for the opportunity to win prizes.

90,000 magazines landed on doormats and in stores and venues, lamp post flags, underpass banners and digital screens appeared in the shopping centres and across the city, and buses travelling to and from Luton, Bedford, Northampton and Aylesbury carried messages extolling the many virtues of shopping and playing in Milton Keynes at Christmas time. Not forgetting the myBuses that circled the city too, reminding everyone to take part for the chance to win.

The second half of the campaign saw a strategic move as follower growth was exchanged for an increase in user generated content. This worked well (and as a bonus we still saw an increase in audience growth). What has also been pleasing is that the majority of the audience have stayed loyal and connected with MyMiltonKeynes post campaign.

During the run up to and throughout the campaign period we worked very much in partnership with Johnny Englishby, Marketing Manager at MyMiltonKeynes. Indeed, without the enormous contribution to the project by the award winning MyMiltonKeynes team, and the collaboration of their levy payers, the myChristmas campaign would not only have not been as successful, it would not have been possible.

Results are tricky to measure, it being the first campaign that MyMiltonKeynes have run, however figures were positive (for example 90,000 campaign Facebook reach) and our client and the levy partners were pleased with the campaign.

Melanie Beck, MyMiltonKeynes CEO has this to say:

“We had total confidence in the team at a Yellowyoyo.   From the beginning they showed an excellent understanding of the brief and its core objectives. They delivered a creative, multi channel campaign using digital and traditional media platforms which had flexibility and engagement to support the BID levy payers.”