TIMA brand clarity workshop

TIMA (The International Media Associates) have a vast wealth of experience and comprehensive knowledge of content presentation and consumption enhanced programme creation and production in news, events and current affairs programmes, catering for all video needs across all platforms.

Founded in 2011, TIMA wanted to position themselves at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, to transform the established perceptions of worldwide media production, to challenge the reactive approach of the biggest global players in the industry and to look at both the service provision and technology in a very different way. TIMA’s directors required assistance to establish and develop the brand proposition and identity.

Alla Salehian, CEO of TIMA, having worked with Yellow Yoyo previously, was aware of the many benefits offered by Yellow Yoyo’s Brand Clarity workshop when focusing on the foundations of a brand:

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“We had the outline structure of the company and the fundamentals of what we wanted to deliver and achieve, but very little knowledge of the best way to proceed.”

The workshop took place in October 2011, with TIMA’s key business representatives present. The purpose was to explore views and ideas of the planned operation and competitors, with the ultimate am of developing the consumer proposition and strapline. The role of Yellow Yoyo was to facilitate, engage, promote discussion and focus the individuals in order to understand their perceptions and aspirations for the business.

This was concluded successfully and a brief prepared with TIMA to allow the design stages to proceed.

“The impact on our business from our experience with Yellow Yoyo was immense.  We were able to make a huge impact on the marketplace from day one.  Our brand cut through the noise in the marketplace and stood clear with an identity that resonated, that had maturity, that said we were a serious player and that said to our clients that we had been around for many years, even though we were a start-up.” Alla Salehian CEO TIMA