TIMA website

Since its launch in 2011, TIMA has gone from strength to strength, successfully achieving the tasks that it set itself at the outset – to be positioned at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, to transform the established perceptions of worldwide media production, to challenge the reactive approach of the biggest global players in the industry and to look at both the service provision and technology in a very different way.

The original website served as the perfect launch platform, but now 4 years later, with TIMA’s global reach ever extending and relationship with Reuters, comes the right time for a refresh.

The new and fully responsive site is in the first phase of development, with ‘clean, simple and imagery-led’ being the brief. TIMA boasts global access to high quality, comprehensive 24 hour worldwide political, sporting, entertainment and current affairs video production and content, and so making the site more visual was key. The site features an extended and far more detailed home page.

Phase 2 will follow shortly. It will feature extensive use of video to showcase the skill and reach of TIMA.