virgin games poker launch & events

We were approached by Nelson Bostock to assist Virgin Games in its desire to embrace the online sector, giving life to Virgin Poker with a launch at Branson’s Holland Park home – which went from initial brief to prestigious event in only 3 weeks and all in the busy Christmas period.

The success of the launch of Virgin Poker led to our being asked to design, produce and event manage a series of national Poker Weekenders.  We were responsible not only for the running of the events themselves but also the staffing, dressing, lighting, AV and production of all graphic elements, from player lanyards and staff clothing to final table banners and posters. These were exhausting weekends, yet incredibly good fun and well attended. During both the run up and the events themselves we were accepted simply as invaluable members of the Virgin team.

“Virgin were absolutely blown away by the evening and the feedback we’ve had from press, industry people and trade journalists has been fantastic.  Your management of the site set up, suppliers and throughout the whole process was absolutely top class and all we can really say is thanks again. We’re looking forward to the next time we can work together – it was great. Josh Morris – Virgin Games Commercial Director

I know we’d employed you to put on the event, but the superhuman efforts Yellow Yoyo put in were well beyond all expectations and without them I think the wheels might have fallen off!” Joe Legge Virgin Games Poker Product Manager