Zaha Hadid – 1950-2016

It might seem wrong to mark the passing of one of my favourite architects in the ‘like’ section of our site. However I was so constantly amazed at the creative output of Zaha Hadid that I had to say something, somewhere. Here seemed the most appropriate place.

We all have heroes in our lives. People we look up to and admire. Those who never seem to drop their standards. Architecture is such an important art form, as it has such a profound impact on people’s lives. To do it well is hugely difficult. As in any profession, to be constantly outstanding in concept and implementation is rare.

I have several architectural heros. Frank Lloyd Wright, Mackintosh,  Mies van der Rohe, Calatrava. They all were/are artists as well as architects, producing the sort of creative stuff that makes me feel indolent, a time waster. How the hell could they be so prolific?!

Ever since I saw the product of Hadid’s early architectural years (I think constructivist work from her student years at the Architectural Association) I was amazed at the inventiveness, audacity and sheer creativity in her work.  Just to visualise some of her designs was outstanding, never mind build them. She managed both.

It’s always sad when a hero dies.  I guess you need to feel grateful you lived to appreciate what they did, especially when you know how difficult it is to maintain the standards they achieved.

So sad she died so early.