25th birthday charity spotlight: The Lewis Foundation

21 June 2023

As part of our 25th birthday celebrations, we asked you to nominate your favourite charity, one that you felt would benefit from a day of our time as a part of our 25-hour pledge of assistance…

As one of our winners, we’d like to introduce you to:

The Lewis FoundationBrightening Lives with Compassion

We’d like to shine a spotlight on this remarkable charity, dedicated to bringing comfort to those battling the fear and upset of cancer and haematological conditions.

The Lewis Foundation – with its unwavering commitment to supporting adults undergoing treatment – really has become a beacon of hope and compassion.

Founded by Lorraine and Lee Lewis, this extraordinary organisation has been making a difference since April 2016, when they set out to bring a little sunshine into the lives of those facing such difficult times…

It all started when the Lewis family faced cancer themselves, with Lee’s mum and also their nephew undergoing treatment simultaneously.  They witnessed the huge disparity in the level of support and resource for children versus what was available for adults. 

This led them to provide comfort packs – initially funded personally – filled with essential and uplifting items to patients receiving treatment on oncology wards. These thoughtfully curated packs, bursting with care and compassion, were designed to bring warmth and support to individuals when they needed it most. 

What began as a humble initiative soon blossomed into a movement, touching the lives of countless individuals across the community. Today, the team has almost 50 volunteers and hundreds of regular supporters. 

The Lewis Foundation has grown from delivering 80 gift packs a month to one hospital to now supplying over 2,500 gifts to 17 hospitals in the Midlands every month. Their dedication and unwavering spirit have earned them well-deserved recognition and support.

The Lewis Foundation understands that battling illness can be an emotionally and physically challenging journey. That’s why they go above and beyond to create experiences that help to lift spirits and remind patients that they’re not alone. Their gift packages – there are now 29 different packs – offer a welcome respite from the rigours of treatment. 

The Lewis Foundation believes in the power of human connection and the importance of fostering a sense of community and belonging during difficult times.

We’d love you to take five minutes from your day to find out more about this incredible organisation and how you might be able to help thelewisfoundation.co.uk.

We feel privileged to be working with Lorraine and the team.