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Elevating brands with strategic creativity

We’ve decades of experience in building brand strategies and crafting memorable identities that capture the imagination and hearts of their audience across all sectors and on every continent.

From unifying businesses to communicate with one voice to helping brands change perception in the eyes of their marketplace. From bringing the clarity that ensures that businesses can merge seamlessly together to the splash and excitement of brand launches.

We’re proud to have been trusted to re-energise, revolutionise, remodel and reimagine countless brands in partnership with our clients’ teams…

Lacking clarity and uncertain how to grow?

Unsure how to differentiate and stand out?

Does your brand and visual identity reflect what you actually do?



Brand strategy defines and drives consistent growth and customer loyalty.

It fuses deep knowledge of your business strategy and objectives, unique brand essence, and target audience with your market’s dynamics.

A brand strategy should move in step with your business focus, covering everything from people to finance, ensuring your brand stays relevant and trusted. It’s the long-term vision that guides every aspect of business, must be monitored and evaluated, adapting as society and the market evolves in order to maintain and grow brand perception and customer trust.

We’ll work together to carve out your unique space in the marketplace with a strategy that’s as innovative as you are. And you can be sure that every aspect’s covered…

Business Strategy & Objectives

We work with you to clarify ever aspect of your business strategy, working with you to define objectives and help to set targets for the future

Market Research & Competitor Analysis

Research and analysis of your  competitors enables us to identify market gaps, opportunities, threats, and areas for differentiation.

Target Audience

Critical to any business is Identifying and understanding the key demographics, psychographics and needs of target customers.

We create clear personas that accurately represent your customer segments.

Brand Purpose, Vision, Value Proposition & Mission framework

Why does your brand exist  and what problem does it seek to solve?


Where does your company see itself in the future?  Together we build the vision to guide long-term decisions.


Value Proposition
A value proposition is a promise that tells customers what a company stands for, what it offers, and why its product or service is special or better than others.

We craft your value proposition, ensuring that the needs of your target customers are understood, and that they’re are satisfied by the defined proposition.


We work with you to build a succinct explanation of what your brand does, who it does it for, and how it differentiates from your competitors.


Brand Perception & Values

Brand perception
This is how customers see and feel about a brand based on their experiences and interactions with it. It’s the image and emotion that comes to mind when they think about the brand.


Brand values
These are the core beliefs and principles that a brand stands for and uses to guide its actions and decisions. It’s like a moral compass for the company.

These values help shape the brand’s personality and how it behaves in the marketplace.

Brand Positioning & Messaging

To steer your marketing and product choices in the right direction, it’s essential to craft a Positioning statement that’s born out of the unique blend of your brand’s identity, values and the market space you occupy.

This foundational statement acts as a north star, informing the creation of core brand messages that effectively communicate your unique position and the value you offer.

It’s about distinguishing your voice in the crowd, setting up a messaging framework that showcases what sets you apart.

And to ensure every piece of communication feels like it’s coming from the same source, defining a consistent tone of voice and language is key. It’s not just about what you say; it’s about how you say it – consistently across all forms of communication.


Your brand is more than just a name or a logotype; it’s the heartbeat and personality of your business.

Armed with a clear brand strategy, we can now work together to work some creative magic…

Brand Architecture

We help you to build a strong brand architecture. This organises and connects all parts of a business’s identity, making it clear and relatable to customers, which in turn to support growth and market positioning

Brand Identity / Logotype

All our design projects – from brand identity and collateral to environmental and digital – follow a three-phase process. Concept, development and then artwork/drawings/build.

We consider the skill that we bring to be in crafting identities that add a twist, intrigue or surprise. Ones that inspire that penny drop moment – a hidden shape, or type linkage. It’s often the clever finessing of a very simple graphic that turns a good solution into an award-winning one.


Concept Phase
We begin armed with clear research and strategic findings.  It’s crucial to have a deep understanding of the organisation that we’re designing for.

We investigate a variety of different ideas, all of which align with the brief.  This phase culminates in the first design presentation, in which we present a selection of routes.  From this first presentation we aim to arrive at a preferred visual direction for the design development stage.


Development Phase
Every brand project is very different and so the level of development required varies greatly, with the furthering of the solution arrived at in the concept stage often merely being a ‘finessing’.


Artwork Phase
Once the design is approved, we now create artwork of your logotype/s, supply these to you in all required file formats.



Brand Collateral

Collateral can take so many forms.  We craft them all – from brochures, unique branded templates, signage, and presentations to stationery, uniforms, fleet branding, marketing materials and digital assets.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines ensure consistent communication, protect the brand’s integrity, enhance recognition, and serve as a reference for correct brand representation.

Often referred to as a brand style guide or brand book, these are a set of rules that explain how a brand presents itself to the world.

Guidelines vary greatly in depth of information and rule setting, from one that purely outlines through logotype, fonts and colour choices, to those that clarify tone of voice, photography and detailed rules around the placement of information.

Digital & Content

With clarity of brand strategy, and marketing strategy, we work with you to build a consistent online presence, covering all digital elements, from website and blog to social media channels aligned to brand.

An aligned online presence and branded content strategy helps to create a cohesive brand experience, driving recognition and loyalty while providing multiple touch points for engagement with your target audience.

Internal Brand Activation

Having a brand strategy is essential for aligning your team with the company’s mission and values. It serves as an educational tool that communicates the brand’s core messaging, ensuring that employees understand not just what the company does, but why it does it.

We can now work with you to deliver a consistent  internal message.  When employees live and breathe your values, they become natural ambassadors of the brand. This internal engagement fosters an environment where the brand’s principles are reflected in every aspect of the business operation, from customer service to product development and beyond.

Measurement, Monitoring & Analysis

It’s crucial to conduct ongoing brand tracking through surveys and metrics to measure effectiveness. This ensures the monitoring of brand awareness, perception, and equity.

Legal & Compliance

Once you’ve spent time, money and a effort to establish your position and create distinctive assets then you’ll want to protect them.

We’ll guide you through the process of registering trademarks and ensuring compliance with regulations to manage legal risks.


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