We provide ambitious business leaders with the optimal business platform and a brand that’s irresistible to all stakeholders.

In this way, we help them to achieve their agreed route to growth, a positive legacy and desired exit.

S/T/E/P, our unique Scale, Transform & Exit Programme, delivers
tangible results and sustainable growth to achieve your strategic objectives.


Because we can’t work for ever.

Whether it’s leaving your business to the next generation, selling the business as part of your retirement strategy, or nominating a successor and taking a back seat whilst watching your business grow and flourish, knowing your exit strategy is key to implementing the right transformation strategy for your business.

And it starts now.

Scale, Transform & Exit Programme


S/T/E/P kicks off with a  half-day workshop tailored to you with your key decision makers, aimed at transforming your business.

This workshop is aimed at creating a deep understanding of every aspect of your current business and providing clarity and focus for all the key stakeholders in the business about the future direction.

After the workshop we supply you with a summary report, together with our initial thoughts and suggestions.

At this stage if all the stakeholders agree on the outcomes of the workshop, we move on to the second stage.


This builds on the results of the workshop and is a deep dive into your business, brand and marketing, taking transformation to the next level.

The aim of the audit is to investigate your business opportunities and understand, among other things, how to increase revenue and market share, positioning your business in the market, your brand messaging, your competitors, and your marketing strategy.

The audit is a comprehensive look at your business and your position in the market and results in a clearly defined strategy for transforming your business for success.

When everyone agrees with the strategy, we move on to the third stage.


Our experienced staff are ready to implement every aspect of the agreed strategy and scale your business.

We work closely with your team to transform your business, brand, marketing, value proposition, talent development and acquisition, technology, and market position by creating a clear and structured timeline for deliverables that put you on the path to exit.

By having us by your side you know that we are committed to delivering results


Once you’re ready to implement your exit, we can take care of every aspect to make that happen.

This can include leadership training and mentoring for your successor, finding the right business to partner or merge with, or taking care of every aspect of selling your business to the right buyer.

The Results

  1. The face-to-face review of your business ensures that all stakeholders are aligned with the need to transform the business, resulting in a clear understanding of where you are and what needs to happen
  2. Our deep dive into your business brand positioning, value proposition and marketing will map out the road ahead, resulting in a clearly defined strategy for your business, brand and marketing
  3. Together we implement the agreed strategy and begin the process of scaling your business
  4. We help you to achieve your desired exit goal, taking care of everything – from succession planning to managing the sale of your business

“Yellowyoyo are an innovative, creative, personable team. They have taken the time to get to know our business and who we are. For me that’s world class”


4 simple phases to preparing for and achieving growth


Discovery Call

The opportunity for you and us to ask relevant questions and test the potential team chemistry



We help you open up issues inherent in your business and begin to indicate the plan to solve them


Strategy Created

The strategy to optimise your business platform and growth, together with the tasks required to achieve what’s agreed


Strategy Executed

We work with you to deliver the strategy – and the activations to boost sustainable growth and enable success

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