We were approached by a client, a bellringer herself, to assist in unifying thinking and to provide clarity of vision for the future of Bellringing in the United Kingdom, with a plan to map the journey towards successful, extensive recruitment.

The Brief

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers are current committed custodians of a tradition that is 400 years old in the UK. This tradition has bought pleasure and given solace to generations of people who are either ringers or beneficiaries of the joyous sound of the world’s biggest musical instrument.

In the past, bellringing was an activity to ‘fall into’, when a chorister’s voice broke, for example, and heading up the tower would have been a step towards another pastime. Now of course the world is a very different place, and entertainment is all pervasive.

The Council are absolutely driven towards keeping quality bell ringing and change ringing relevant to modern society, whether secular or religious, and to emphasise its physical, technical, social, and musical benefits to participants.

However, analysis has shown that in order to maintain the current bellringing community it is necessary to recruit between 9,000 and 11,500 people per annum and train around 4,000 of these recruits to a level where they can ring simple methods.  Quite a feat.

Our Solution

The project began with a Discovery workshop, where a group of experienced ringers were encouraged to share and explore various aspects of ringing to help the Yellowyoyo team understand the issues that they face.  In participating in the workgroup, the team drew on the feedback of a number of consultation sessions with a wider group of around 30 ringers who had considered the brief.

A brand vision exercise followed, along with crafting of a vision document, brand positioning and key messaging.

This led to the brand identity, then application to banners, posters and merchandise, website styling, social media assets and creation of guidelines, all of which are in progress.  

This project is yet to be officially launched, but the net effect of the Vision Document is the opportunity to galvanise a vast stakeholder group into action, to challenge opinion and reach decisions.  What is forming from the process is a more unified springboard for the education, promotion and future-proofing of the bell ringing community.

The brand identity will be shared across the UK and those towers keen to do so will be able to customise their own unique name/location under the identity.  They will also have access to printable assets and website template.

This unique, intriguing project is ongoing.

Yellowyoyo have challenged our own perception of bellringing and drawn out key messages to help us attract new people of all ages and backgrounds. The efforts they made to fully understand and engage with a very niche activity gave us confidence and trust in that process.

The simple bell design created using a note and listening ear have already created a buzz in the bellringing community.

We look forward to continuing our partnership as we develop the assets further and start to realise the benefits of engaging with experts in their field.

Tina Stoecklin / President of CCCBR

Their ability to go above and beyond for their clients is incredible


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