Mother Cuppa

It’s always an honour to be there at the start of a business and to be influential in bringing someone’s ‘baby’ to life.

Working with entrepreneurs is always inspiring and fast paced. We see it as our job to channel (never dampen) that energy and passion towards the very best results.

The Brief

Candice Mason, Founder of Mother Cuppa is a busy woman. She works full time in the family firm – Masons Minibus & Coach Hire Ltd – but had the desire to build something for herself.

Always fascinated in the health benefits of well blended teas, Candice saw an exciting opportunity…

“I found it amazing to learn that you could select and mix different plants for specific health benefits. As I march confidently out of my 30’s to the brave new world of my 40’s, I have turned more and more to herbs and plants to support my changing body and my wellbeing having suffered with issues with my sleep, energy, anxiety, endometriosis, and the initial stages of perimenopause. 

 Of course, as I never do anything half-heartedly, I trained as a tea sommelier with the UK Tea academy in London, recognised as a world authority in tea education.”

As we began the project she was approaching her 40th birthday, and so she bravely voiced her ambition. To have a branded tea business that would offer healthy, well researched and blended teas that would help her, and the women around her, before she reached that date.

Our Solution

We kicked off with a Business & Brand Discovery Workshop, to help Candice to clarify her objectives for her new enterprise, and establish the important elements required to begin to build a brand. These included pinning down Mother Cuppa’s audience, values, deciding how to differentiate the business from her competition and determining how it should be perceived as a brand.

The fact that she truly understood the needs of her customer – she was one herself – was certainly advantageous.

We ensure that all these foundations are set before any creative work is carried out, as these ‘rules’ are strong signals towards the look and feel of the visual side of a brand.

Next we worked with Candice to establish her tone of voice and messaging, making it targeted and engaging for her customers

And armed with all of the above we could then be let loose on the creative, which meant not just her brand logotype, but also the packaging for her first 3, signature teas.

As the Mother Cuppa empire grows, so does our ongoing relationship. We’re loving the time we spend working on plans for more products with Candice.

The reaction to Mother Cuppa Tea has been really fantastic.

Everybody says how beautiful it looks and I’m really proud, proud because it’s everything I wanted to achieve with Mother Cuppa Tea. I feel I’ve launched with a really strong brand, look, feel and message.

If you’re considering working with Yellowyoyo then i would 100% recommend it!

Candice Mason / Founder of Mother Cuppa

Their ability to go above and beyond for their clients is incredible


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