The Art of Exit – in both theory and practice

1 March 2024

This week Al, Amanda and I were back at St John’s Innovation Centre Ltd to share their experience and knowledge of The Art of Exit.

A great deal of ground was covered – from the driving forces behind setting up a business, reasons for planning an exit strategy and the need to connect data and strategy, through to organisational structure, growth versus scale, role of brand and marketing, the exit journey and execution – and much more…

It was a room of engaged entrepreneurs, business leaders and Innovation Centre specialists, many sharing stories of exits that they’d experienced.

Our advice and thoughts resonated with those with exit journeys of their own. This really matters to us – principles and theories are one thing, but practical, tangible strategies and solutions are what count.

Thank you to all those who attended, joined in the animated Q&A session and stayed for some fantastic conversations.

We look forward to being back at St John’s to share more about The Art of Exit soon!