Working with Green Cross Training

28 January 2021

We recently took our new clients Green Cross Training  through our Brand & Marketing Discovery Workshop.

It’s always an honour to be trusted to be the guide in this process towards the future of an organisation’s growth. It was a pleasure to spend the day with the Green Cross Training team and witness their shared ambition and passion.

We began by posing the question “How clear and confident are you in your knowledge of how to grow your business?”

10% Not at all confident
0% Fairly confident
80% Confident
10% Extremely confident

The session closed with these responses:

0% Not at all confident
0% Fairly confident
20% Confident
80% Extremely confident

We’re very much looking forward to our future relationship with Green Cross Training.

“Up until now we’ve been feeling so isolated as colleagues and now we’re all pulling together – through what you’ve done and what we’ve identified. There have been so many ideas – the building blocks to take our business forward.

I’ve never been a part of anything so uplifting in my career. I’m not one for education and don’t tend to do courses, but I was so engaged and it takes a lot to get that.”