25th birthday charity spotlight: MK Sailability

5 July 2023

MK Sailability: Providing accessible sailing opportunities for all

MK Sailability is dedicated to providing accessible sailing opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Their mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of physical or intellectual abilities, has the chance to experience the joy and freedom of sailing.

At the core of MK Sailability’s operations is its commitment to inclusivity. They firmly believe that sailing should be accessible to all. By providing specially adapted boats and equipment, along with a team of trained volunteers, they create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can learn, develop skills and enjoy the exhilaration of being out on the water.

They offer a range of programmes and activities tailored to meet the diverse needs of their participants, from introductory sailing sessions to more advanced training and racing opportunities. MK Sailability aims to empower individuals with disabilities and promote personal growth, confidence and independence through sailing.

One of the key aspects of MK Sailability’s success lies in its dedicated team of volunteers. These passionate individuals selflessly contribute their time, expertise and support to ensure every participant has a memorable and enriching sailing experience. Their commitment to inclusivity and their genuine care for the well-being of each individual shines through in everything they do.

And MK Sailability’s impact goes beyond sailing itself. By fostering a sense of community and belonging, they create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to socialise, build friendships and develop a support network. Their programs also raise awareness and promote understanding of disabilities, helping to create a more inclusive and accepting society.

The charity’s dedication to accessibility, their welcoming atmosphere and commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities make them a beacon of inspiration in the sailing community.

You can learn more about MK Sailability, their programmes and how to get involved as a participant or volunteer by visiting mksailability.com