Brand logotype for Any Colour You Want

14 March 2018

We were approached recently by an old contact, Andy Morrey, with whom we worked to deliver Argos’ multichannel strategy back in the early 2000s. Andy had plans to launch a new venture and was seeking both brand advice and also a logotype for his new Ecosystem business.

Effectively, Any Colour You Want takes the legal requirements enshrined in GDPR, turns them into a huge opportunity for highly targeted marketing to a compliant customer database and then presents the opportunity to develop and build an digital ecosystem to service those customers, the sum of which is much more powerful than the individual constituent parts.

Our remit graphically was to design the logotype, business stationery, presentation templates and also to style the intro visual element of the website. We were keen that the concept be an intelligent take on the Henry Ford phrase and allow the colour involved to ‘draw’ the logotype. Otherwise the colour of the logotype will always be monochrome.

The exploding ink video used on the website begins to show how the treatment will develop.

Yellowyoyo took what was an eclectic concept and turned it into a tangible brand and supporting material that’s already seeing results. Not only did they get the brief very quickly and come up with meaningful and insightful brand concepts, but it’s also so great to work with a team who are very professional, whilst being so much fun along the way.

Andy Morrey