Thank you, International Festival Milton Keynes!

31 July 2023

As advertised, 21-30 July 2023 truly WAS an amazing 10 days!

I’m in awe of The Stables for bringing such a range of diverse, inspirational acts of creative brilliance to our City. There really was something for everyone, many of the events were free and all of them were incredible.

Of the many I attended, my personal highlight has to be GratteCiel’s extraordinary Place des Anges. Words cannot possibly do justice to this magically bonkers, spectacular. Smiling faces, dancing, utter joy and laughter against a backdrop of tumbling feathers thrown by angels.

This festival, come rain or shine – and there’s been a LOT of rain – I’ve worn my pink Volunteer t-shirt proudly and so enjoyed being at the heart of another of those wonders that makes Milton Keynes such a unique place.

We’re so fortunate to have the dedicated team at The Stables, for their vast amount of research and tireless work to find these outstanding artists and run this incredible biannual festival.

Excited now for what 2025 will bring – I bet the work’s begun already…