Maximising the potential and minimising the risks – does it pay to listen to the experts?

3 November 2022

Running a business can be brilliant. It can fuel passions, inspire and reward.

It can also be really tough. 

We all know that businesses must adapt to survive depending on how their market landscape is performing. Over and above dealing with everything within your organisation, there are the external pressures. The UK has delivered a tumultuous array of those recently.

We’ve just witnessed an eye watering amount of political disarray. Those who should’ve been leading refusing to adapt or indeed take or follow sound advice. 

The government had become truly chaotic. Consequently they’d lost the trust of not only their own party, but also the country.

I’d say that’s a metaphor for everyone – understand your business’s landscape, be agile enough to avoid that chaos and understand and importantly USE those dynamics to help with your growth. 

What do I mean by that?

Following my previous metaphor – think of the minibudget as the government’s attempt to respond to financial challenges.

This decision showed a cavalier attitude and total disregard for taking advice. Actions we all witnessed.  

The lesson?  

Find the right advisors for your ecosystem. Take their advice to avoid the detrimental effects and maximise those aspects that will enable your business to grow.

And the positive metaphor?  

Jeremy Hunt’s arrival as the rational grown up, speaking with authority and so gaining the trust of his party and the markets.

In summary?

There will always be societal challenges that could be detrimental or advantageous to your business and brand. 

Seek counsel. Be aware of those issues and of how they might affect your sector.

Plan, so that your response is proactive and not reactive. That way you’ll ensure you’re ahead of the challenges and can take full advantage of the opportunities. Before everyone else. 

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(and just to caveat the above – these are great metaphors, but not necessarily my political opinions 🙂