Milton Keynes City Council

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We’re delighted to work with Milton Keynes City Council to deliver these important messages, with the aim of making a difference.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Campaign

The Brief – Domestic Abuse Awareness

Alongside its partners, Milton Keynes City Council wishes to ensure that residents experiencing domestic abuse, or concerned about others, have access to clear and consistent information and help, across their digital channels.

Project partners for this are Milton Keynes City Council, Thames Valley Police, MK Act, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, BLMK and MK University Hospital.

Our Solution – Domestic Abuse Awareness

Having established exactly which criteria to analyse, we researched and reviewed all relevant data from the sites and social activity of all five partners, together with any other relevant sources of information that we discovered .

We created a spreadsheet to compare findings, and operate a RAG system (red, amber, green) to flag the most urgent areas to tackle when bringing messaging in line with best practice.

We then produced a written report of findings and recommendations, and an accompanying presentation deck.

We then followed the research stage with a period of concept design, culminating in the creation of the Hidden Messages campaign.

This campaign features print and digital assets that will appear on partner sites and social channels, as posters in hospitals, educational establishments, indeed as many places as possible to build awareness that Domestic Abuse is not always visible.

Vaccination Awareness Campaign

The Brief – Vaccinated

To help to promote awareness for the importance of vaccination via the council’s MK wide campaign. The design solutions were to pay homage to the Memphis style, to intentionally coincide with MK Gallery’s Memphis: Plastic Field exhibition.

Our Solution – Vaccinated

The bright, eye catching designs were visible across the city and beyond – on bus sides and shelters, as bollard and porte cochere wraps, posters, badges, take away bags and within business premises.

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