Milton Keynes Business Improvement District

Formerly known as AmazingCMK, the Milton Keynes Business Improvement District has now transformed into MyMiltonKeynes.

The Brief

The journey began when we were asked by the Milton Keynes Business Improvement District team to bring clarity to their brand, establish their personality and values, so that they could more clearly describe what they stood for.

The BID specifically wanted to create a personal ownership by the business community of the city centre.

Our Solution

Working collaboratively with the team we developed a name change to MyMiltonKeynes and created a new brand logotype, which now accurately reflects their organisation – one that’s inclusive, delivers positive change for MiltonKeynes and that benefits businesses and their employees, whilst helping to attract more investment and visitors to the area.

The emphasis on MY is carried throughout the brand messaging and associated collateral, and the memorable style demonstrates clearly the successes of the Business Improvement District.

We were also delighted to work alongside the MyMiltonKeynes team to create and run their inaugural Christmas Campaign,to produce a robust set of marketing activity to support and drive winter visits to the city’.

The campaign was funded by the BID in association with the levy payers, who were keen to see a rise in footfall in the city, especially given the challenge that the ease of online retail brings to traditional retail at this time of year.

We very much enjoy the positive relationship that we have with MyMiltonKeynes and are delighted to support their various ongoing strategic, design and marketing needs.

Yellowyoyo totally blew us away!

Our new brand is one that we unanimously love and are incredibly excited by.

It’s a logotype we’re so proud of!

Melanie Beck – CEO /  MyMiltonKeynes Business Improvement District

We had total confidence in the team at Yellowyoyo.

From the beginning of the MyChristmas Campaign they showed an excellent understanding of the brief and its core objectives. They delivered a creative, multi channel campaign using digital and traditional media platforms which had flexibility and engagement to support the BID levy payers.

Melanie Beck – CEO /  MyMiltonKeynes Business Improvement District

Their ability to go above and beyond for their clients is incredible


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