Simplicity’s founder, Sam Bradford, wanted our help to transform her young Financial Planning business, both strategically and visually.

She was determined to set a course for growth and put front and centre her personal and caring approach. Simplicity really is at the heart of her offer, along with the desire to demystify a subject perceived by many as complex.

The Brief

We needed to develop a very different value proposition for her clients, one centred on developing a brand purpose not focused on money but on choices regarding the aspirational lifestyle her clients hope for.

Sam wanted to sell clarity regarding the financial route to that lifestyle and give so much more than financial advice. She wants to give her clients the ability to dream, to put themselves in their desired place.

Sam wished to help her clients to define their real-life purpose and facilitate the route to achieving that purpose emotionally, physically and financially allowing them to find their happiness and make better choices.

Our Solution

We went through a series of workshops, developing a new brand story, brand purpose, brand services, brand positioning and customer persona for Simplicity.

Together we arrived at a set of brand values that would govern all behaviour, and a set of perception words to help guide the creative work required on the brand identity and collateral.

We also helped Sam to achieve clarity regarding her core customer wants and needs, and the services and processes that would not only provide what the customer desired but would be done in a unique ‘Sam Bradford style’.

This resulted in a series of decisions which we integrated into a consolidated brief for a new brand identity and a set of new brand collateral for the business.

We look forward to seeing Sam’s business expand – which it is certainly doing – and to being with her to support her on her journey.

From the initial concept , I have had such a wonderful experience which has helped me to fully understand my business and its core values.

Yellowyoyo have taken time to understand me and my business using a very strategic approach. With in-depth discovery and brand workshops we were able to capture the essence of what I believe in, which was then woven beautifully into my branding and logotype, really breathing new life into the business.

I am absolutely delighted with my new brand and look forward to working with them as my business grows.

Thank you Yellowyoyo!

Sam Bradford / Simplicity – Founder Director

Their ability to go above and beyond for their clients is incredible


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Strategy Executed

We work with you to deliver the strategy – and the activations to boost sustainable growth and enable success

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