Spending time with guests at The Lunch

14 March 2024

We love to invite guests to join us for lunch every quarter, to have the opportunity to informally discuss topics and themes facing them in their modern worlds.

This time Bryan, Amanda and Al welcomed Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair at MKAI; Chris Cooper, Founder and Speaker, Business Elevation; Odette Mould, Founder and CEO of the charity Harry’s Rainbow; Robert Lee, CEO of the REAS group; and Jason Sinclair, COO of Profile Resourcing Ltd to share their insights.

In an era where AI is reshaping the fabric of our professional and personal lives, leaders are at a crossroads. How do they harness this revolutionary technology to drive innovation while preserving the human essence of their organisations?

Discussions around the subject spanned a broad spectrum of topics, from the transformative potential of AI beyond mere text generation, to its impact on recruitment practices and the essence of visionary leadership. We touched on the critical roles of education in fostering entrepreneurship, the importance of mentorship, and the inherent responsibility of leaders to act as living examples of their values.

Thank you as always to our brilliant event photographer Jane Russell.

You can read the full article in this March’s issue of All Things Business – our media partners for these events. Some valuable perspectives for anyone looking to understand the intersection of AI and human-centric leadership.