The digital tools we use – for ourselves and for managing others

9 May 2023

In this article, we’d like to share with you the digital tools that we use to power Yellowyoyo and manage our clients’ marketing.

From project management and communication to analytics and design, we’ll explore some of the most popular tools and digital solutions that marketing and branding agencies like Yellowyoyo rely on to successfully run their businesses and exceed client expectations.

Project Management and Collaboration: ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management app that has quickly gained popularity among companies seeking a comprehensive solution to manage their projects. Its robust set of features allows for seamless task management, team collaboration, and communication within a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools. At Yellowyoyo we use ClickUp to manage workflows for both internal projects and external client projects, we even have our very own ClickUp Queen in Rebecca Lindley, our trusted Virtual Assistant.

Communication: WhatsApp

Clear and effective communication is vital for any agency. It ensures the smooth collaboration between team members and clients. Rather than the traditional apps like Slack, we prefer to use WhatsApp, as we know everyone tends to have it on their device, and the simple interface means ad-hoc team collaboration is seamless. We also use this as a means of communicating with many client teams.

Design and Branding: Adobe Creative Cloud

Our very own brand expert and co-founder, Amanda and her team create visually stunning and consistent branding assets for both Yellowyoyo’s marketing and our clients. Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes industry-leading applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, is the gold standard for professional design work. 

Email Marketing & CRM: ActiveCampaign

Every week, hundreds of local businesses get a weekly dose of brand, business and marketing insights delivered to their inbox in the form of The Weekend Muse – Yellowyoyo’s weekly email newsletter. The software that manages clients and email marketing is ActiveCampaign. 

CRM plays a crucial role in the success of agencies like Yellowyoyo by enabling them to effectively manage interactions with current and potential clients. A robust CRM system consolidates customer data, streamlines communication, and automates routine tasks, allowing agencies to gain valuable insights, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster long-term relationships.

Yellowyoyo frequently helps clients adopt CRM into their business alongside other growth tactics.

Analytics and Reporting: Google Analytics and SEMRush

Data-driven decision-making is crucial for any marketing and branding agency. Google Analytics is a widely used tool that provides insights into website traffic, user behaviour and conversions. For SEO we’ll often use SEMRush for audit, insights, and reporting.

All these apps and software tools play a crucial role in supporting both the growth of Yellowyoyo and our clients. By investing in project management, communication, design, email marketing/CRM and analytics solutions, agencies like ours streamline their operations, improve collaboration and deliver exceptional results for their clients.

As technology continues to advance, it’s essential for agencies to stay updated on the latest tools and trends to maintain a competitive edge and continue to grow their businesses.

We’re closely monitoring where tools like ChatGPT are going, and the plethora of integrations that are happening every day. Look out for future articles on AI and how companies can adopt them to grow and scale faster.

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