#LoveMK Day 2024

2 May 2024

Why do we #LoveMK?

Now in its twelfth year, #LoveMK Day – the brainchild of Destination MK – continues to highlight Milton Keynes as a prime destination for leisure and business, whilst encouraging locals to celebrate the pride they feel for the place they call home.

We’re glad to be a part of the Milton Keynes community, and all of the things that this fabulous city has to offer. Here are reasons from some of the team…

“When I saw the Police supported by Squeeze at the MK Bowl back in 1980, I never imagined that I’d live in the place 40 years later. We moved Yellowyoyo up here in 2015, and the family in 2020. And we’ve not looked back to be honest – everything in easy reach, access to all the shopping and entertainment you’d want. MK really does have it all”
Strategy & Legacy Director, Bryan

“I love the green spaces near the town – you can quickly be in the countryside, but you’re also in a central location. This means that you get the best of both worlds, easy access to major cities like London and Oxford and also nature on your doorstep.  We’ve shopping, dining, venues – lots of variety 😊 so there’s something for everyone!” 
Business Manager, Becs

“I #LoveMK for the business community that I’m proud to run Yellowyoyo amongst, for the access to green space, the thriving culture in the Gallery, Theatre and arts scene, for the retail therapy, venues, food… so much! Milton Keynes is the perfect mix.”
Creative Director, Amanda

“I’m a regular visitor to MK rather than a resident – I’m based at the Yellowyoyo office in Liverpool. As a company we’re huge fans of collaboration, so I love the co-working spaces that are available. Coming originally from London, I have to admit that I was amazed at the amount of parks and protected green spaces here.  I believe that this makes for a great balance for life and work.”
Managing Director, Al

“I #LoveMK for the parks, the smells, meeting wildlife and for meeting new friends with their humans – especially if they have snacks”
Decompression Director & Receptionist, Stella

LoveMK Day is always a buzz, with socials busy and #LoveMK trending. This year hopefully #LoveMKBusiness will be doing so too. A real day of celebration!