Green Cross Global

Green Cross Global (then Green Cross Training) came to us wanting to review and to protect their existing business whilst looking to the future and charting a path to success. They were aware of the need for both a broader perspective and a deeper knowledge that they recognised could only be gained from working with external experts.

The Brief
The initial conversations on a detailed brief were, as they often are, indeterminate. Ayrtam Ryall, Managing Director, knew the business needed guidance to boost growth even though they were managing the pandemic better than most at the time.

We collectively agreed that undertaking our Business & Brand Discovery Workshop would both perform a preliminary audit on all aspects of the business and would facilitate a conversation and debate on what was needed to boost growth and market share.

So 11 members of staff from Green Cross and 3 from Yellowyoyo convened to take part in the day long version of our workshop.

The outcome from the workshop was that it should be followed by the full version of our Growth to Exit programme, beginning with the business audit to look for opportunities to both optimise business operations and brand perception and therefore maximise growth potential.

Our Solution
Our research and business audit identified the following key opportunities:

  1. That there would be better potential for sustainable growth if Green Cross developed their existing capabilities in software and consultancy and create 3 inter-connecting divisions alongside training.
  2. To review and optimise operations and processes whilst creating the new divisions.
  3. To reflect their world-wide customer base by changing the name to Green Cross Global
  4. To develop a new market positioning that gave real differentiation which resulted in the adoption of the new strapline – Together. Saving Lives.
  5. To develop a brand identity, a set of values and the messaging to support the new differentiation.
  6. To create and action a new Marketing Strategy and internal marketing capability.

The Yellowyoyo team identified our current and future market position. The plan was thorough and gave us a clear direction and implementation roadmap to position our business for future growth in a way that we hadn’t previously considered.

All of Yellowyoyo’s market analysis and opportunities proved insightful and 100% correct. They’ve delivered new business, brand and marketing strategies which we’re now successfully implementing together.

The difference with Yellowyoyo is that they’re experts who not only create business clarity, but also work alongside you to realise your potential.

Ayrtam Ryall / CEO at Green Gross Global

Up until our initial workshop with you, we’d been feeling so isolated as colleagues. Now we’re all pulling together – through what you’ve done and what we’ve identified.

There have been so many ideas – the building blocks to take our business forward. I’ve never been a part of anything so uplifting in my career.

Scott McGill / Sales Director at Green Cross Global

4 simple phases to preparing for and achieving growth


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We help you open up issues inherent in your business and begin to indicate the plan to solve them


Strategy Created

The strategy to optimise your business platform and growth, together with the tasks required to achieve what’s agreed


Strategy Executed

We work with you to deliver the strategy – and the activations to boost sustainable growth and enable success

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